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Invitation to cooperate with Kousha Kansar Company

Kusha Kansar Mining Company intends to recruit a number of indigenous men to work in its active workshop at various stages through a written and practical examination to complete its specialist staff. Applicants may, after careful study of the terms of the advertisement and in accordance with the terms set forth from 96/08/03 until 96/08/12, apply for registration at the Koshasan Kansar Company website or their e-mail address koshakansar.job @ gmail.com.

Conditions for taking the test

General Conditions: Citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Adherence to Islam or one of the official religions of the constitution

Holding a public service end-of-life card or permanent non-medical exemption
Lack of moral corruption, lack of conviction record and criminal record that deprives him of his social rights (with the approval of competent authorities)
Non-commitment to work in machines, institutions and companies, and all institutions and organs in every way possible
Having full health and mental and physical ability to be approved by Occupational Therapy Centers approved by the Social Security Organization
Drugs (with the approval of the appropriate authorities)

Age requirements:

Volunteers’ age requirement is as follows:
Maximum age allowed for volunteers is 40 years (born 08/08/1356)
Volume of service will increase to the maximum age of volunteers.
For each year of valid and relevant surplus work experience under the terms of Table 1 that has been approved by the Social Security Organization, one year and a maximum of 5 years will be added to the maximum age allowed above. Provide relevant work experience with the chosen job.
In any case, the maximum age of volunteers should not exceed 45 years.


Minimum grade point average of 13 for postgraduate, undergraduate, graduate students

Degree requirements:

Candidates’ degree must be approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Holding a degree or certificate of study stating the degree, field and degree, grade point, and graduation date.
Note 4: Certificate of Education or cancellation of exemption issued for the field of duty will not be accepted.
Note 5: If the grade is not included in the qualification, submit the scores including the number of passed units and the required total grade point average. NOTE: Candidates who have graduated from high school or have a permanent exemption card and have a permanent exemption card after 6/6/1996 will not be eligible. Will not be accepted.

Conversion Priorities:

Prioritize on equal footing with people with a higher work experience and higher grade point average.
Good work experience in the above mentioned companies will be privileged.

How to register and deadline:

Careful study of the ad and the conditions contained therein
Candidates must scan for the following and have the file included with it when registering (photo size 4 * 3 should not exceed 60KB). Also send all items in a zip file with a volume less than 1 MB)
4 * 3 volunteer photo
ID card
National card
End card Public Duty or Permanent Non-Medical Exemption
Required Records by Providing Premium Payment Documentation Approved by Social Security Agency
Native Documents

The time, place and manner of the test will be announced subsequently.

Note: Bidders should be careful when submitting information. Bidders should be responsible for the correct information and should be asked to provide a copy of the original documents when calling for a test.
Note: Anyone Only one registrant has the right to register and participate in the exam.
The time, place, and outcome of each test procedure will be notified by e-mail to accepted candidates.

Candidates Terms and Conditions:

Temporary Certificate issued by the duty system exempting a volunteer from service.
Work experience certificate from previous service and Social Security Insurance List must be submitted for deduction of age requirement.
It is strongly advised that candidates who do not have any of the above skills should avoid registration and waste of time.
Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline specified.

Important notes:

If the Bidder fails to enter the registration form with unrealistic specifications, the material will be discarded in the later stages (even if he / she is accepted for the test and employed), and if necessary, prosecuted. It will be legal. Obviously, invitations to face-to-face interviewing do not constitute a person’s acceptance, but the recruitment phase includes written exams, specialized interviews, practical exams, medical examinations and screening, which, if accepted, at any one of the following stages, invites them to perform subsequent invitations. It will take place.
Applicants must be physically and physically capable of doing the work they need to do
The time and manner of employment and place of employment will be determined after final acceptance. The final entrants will be absorbed in turn and will be applied gradually as needed.


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